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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Playing a DVD with menus in Ubuntu.

If you have tried playing a DVD in ubuntu with the default Totem media player ,then you might have noticed that Totem does not show DVD menus.This is a limitation with the Totem media player based on the Gstreamer framework.It does not play DVD with menus.But to have a better navigation and viewing experience ,you can consider Totem based on the Xine engine.
Totem has two versions.One is based on the Gstreamer framework and the other is based on the xine engine.Totem-xine does play DVDs with menus.You can get Totem-xine from the Synaptic package Manager.

It is completely similar to the Totem based on the Gstreamer framework and in addition provides some extra features like a better DVD playback.If you donot get Totem-Xine as an entry in your menu,then press ALT + F2 and type in "totem-xine" and hit the enter key.Now play a DVD from the Movie menu in Totem-xine.

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